California TRO injunction package available on Foreclosure Warrior!

For those who have not heard, we have launched a foreclosure warrior website that aims to give consumers in California information on foreclosure, short sales, litigation and more.  The information is general information and is in video format to make it easier to enjoy.  The foreclosure warrior website also contains valuable documents for California foreclosure, bankruptcy and real estate lawyers.

One such document for bankruptcy lawyers is a motion to oppose the lifting of the automatic stay in bankruptcy court.

Here is another pleading for warrior lawyers: California TRO Injunction Package– $595 – If you have clients seeking to stop the foreclosure sale of their home, and you have valid legal grounds to file a lawsuit, here are the materials you will need to seek to obtain a TRO (temporary restraining order) and preliminary injunction.  Complete with intel from the foreclosure trenches from Attorney Steve Vondran.  These tips, insights and sample pleadings will save you alot of time if you have never been through the foreclosure TRO process in California.  Certain additional local rules may apply, but this is a good collection of documents to assist you.Here is what you get in this valuable kit:1. 14 page TRO and Injunction checklist (guide-sheet with tips)2.  Sample Notice of TRO to opposing parties3.  TRO / OSC application (with sample memorandum of points and authorities)4.  Declarations in Support of TRO4.  Proposed Order for TRO / OSC5.  Request for Judicial Notice6.  Lis Pendens Template7. Withdrawal of Lis Pendens Template8.  Sample Civil Complaint Template